Stay Sane – Slow Things Down

Months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic and all else that have happened and continue to happen. There are many problems locally and in the world, in addition to what is happening in many homes as people are resorted to work from there. Needless to say, a lot for the mind to absorb and even manage.

When situations becomes overwhelming, as for me, I take a step back and assess. I need to because, quite frankly, I am overwhelmed at it all. What do I do in these situation?

My background is that I’m part of a software development team. I have certain protocols that I need to follow in order to get to the end goal. One part that intrigue me is the part where we ‘slow things down’. This happens particularly when discussing a software feature at high level. Slowing things down allows you to think things through without getting too distracted. It’s easier to think of sound solutions when you slow things down as opposed to thinking up fast solution. Remember that it is quality over quantity. Once you’ve got down the solution, then you can start structuring what is next. From there you can go a bit faster!

The other thing I would say that supplement slowing things down is to manage each problem separately. I’ll write more about this part on another post. In the meantime, slow things down.

Thank you for taking the time to read.