Engine Part 3 of 3 – Performance Pipe, BOV, and Cold Air Intake

Application for 2019 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler Rubicon 2.0Turbo

  • Mishimoto Performance Pipe (MMICP-JLH-18WBK)
  • Turbosmart Blow Off Valve (TS-0223-1086)
  • Mishimoto Cold Air Intake (MMAI-JLH-18S)

Final Thoughts

Jeep Wranglers are not made for speed.  So why do these upgrades? The reasons are so that my Jeep engine can breathe better and so that I can prolong the life of my turbo.  In the process, I gain some HP and some torque.

I think it is important to have all three of these upgrades together. Before, when I only installed the Performance Pipe, I felt some kind of lag in acceleration. When I stepped on the gas, there was an odd hesitation. I believe it is because it can still only pull the little bit of air the Jeep factory intake is limited to pulling. And vice-versa, if I only used Mishimoto Cold Air Intake, the factory intercooler pipe still limits the air that is being passed. Then, if you combine Mishimoto Performance Pipe and Cold Air Intake, you're essentially ramming so much more air, that I believe the need for premium BOV Turbosmart is needed! It is a very healthy combination in my opinion.

Now that I have installed all three upgrades, I can definitely feel the difference in terms of power and torque. It is fluid motion. No lag. I don't know the exact HP or Torque, but I know there is definitely a positive difference.