Engine Cold Air Intake

Engine Part 2 of 3 – Performance Pipe, BOV, and Cold Air Intake

Application for 2019 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler Rubicon 2.0Turbo

  • Mishimoto Performance Pipe (MMICP-JLH-18WBK)
  • Turbosmart Blow Off Valve (TS-0223-1086)
  • Mishimoto Cold Air Intake (MMAI-JLH-18S)

Installation of Turbosmart BOV

Not much to be said here. Since this is specific application for my Jeep, you just remove the original Jeep BOV and replace with Turbosmart which is plug and play.


The sole purpose for this is to take the load off the turbocharger which can damage your turbo when the throttle body is suddenly closed, as in, you suddenly take your foot off the gas. When you do, you can hear the hissing which is the air coming out of the dual ports. In my case, since I left my Jeep bypass valve intact, air also releases back to the air intake. The BOV does it's job. You don't realize how much pressure builds up until you start hearing the hissing all the time.

Installation of Mishimoto Cold Air Intake

Mishimoto website claim its 1 hour and I agree. This install is simple. Simply remove the old and in with the new. The only complex part are the Jeep two valves tubes attached by plastic fasteners that I have to remove. I hate Jeep's fasteners. They have a lock mechanism that is annoying to remove.


I have all but pros on this product.

  • CARB Exempt - Very big deal for me living in California. It's just nice to know that I don't have to remove this when I have to get it smogged. Note: If CARB is not a factor for you, there are other intakes that pull in more air than this one. This one is 39% more air. I see some out there that pull in 50% or more.
  • Speaking of pulling in more air, that is because the Air Filter is massive! And it is washable.
  • It isn't loud when you hit the throttle. I will say though sometimes you can hear hollow air sound pulling in. It's kind of cool.
  • It retains all original Jeep connections.
  • Because this is plug and play, you will not get an engine light.
  • The product is quality.

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