Engine Part 1 of 3 – Performance Pipe, BOV, and Cold Air Intake

Application for 2019 Jeep Unlimited Wrangler Rubicon 2.0Turbo

  • Mishimoto Performance Pipe (MMICP-JLH-18WBK)
  • Turbosmart Blow Off Valve (TS-0223-1086)
  • Mishimoto Cold Air Intake (MMAI-JLH-18S)

Some Rookie Details Surrounding Installation

2.0 T Engine learning curve.

  • I'm mighty embarrassed to say that I couldn't figure out how to remove the plastic fastener. It took me hours, yes hours.
  • The shield that covers the pipe on the left side was easy to remove, however, the breather hose that was attached to it is clipped on by two plastic fasteners. After a while, I ended up just cutting off the fasteners. Plus I ended up relocating the breather because I knew I would take the shield on and off.
  • It took me longer the first time simply because I'm not familiar with this particular engine and wanted to approach with caution.

Mishimoto Performance Pipe

Mishimoto product details followed by my feedback in red.

Direct fit for the 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L - My feedback: Not quite direct. The pipe is slightly longer in length so I feel the provided 3 inch length coupler isn't long enough. You CAN make it work, but for piece of mind, I ended up buying a 4 inch length silicone coupler reducer.

Dyno-proven gains of up to 12 lb-ft of torque and 7 horsepower - My feedback: I don't have access to Dyno so I can't prove this part. I will share to you that I saw a change of approximately 1.5 gain on my dashboard's average MPG. UPDATE: My dashboard MPG average fluctuate up and down. Everyone's experience will be case by case. Take mine with a grain of salt.

Flows 36% better than stock intercooler pipe - My feedback: you can tell by the physical appearance that the pipe look less restrictive than the Jeep original plastic pipe. Other than that, I can't confirm the 36% flow.

Installs in about one hour - My feedback: really this is case by case based on the installer's experience.

Cast aluminum construction provides greater strength against increased boost pressure - My feedback: This is definitely quality construction. And not to mention aluminum is heat resistant - my thought, the cold air your bring throughout is kept cold with aluminum than the plastic original pipe.

Removable bypass valve adapter allows use of aftermarket blow-off valves or stock bypass valve - My feedback: This is a nice feature because I actually bought an aftermarket BOV to replace the plastic Jeep original BOV. Note: I didn't actually remove the bypass valve because I don't yet want to make too drastic of a change.

Raised area allows drilling and tapping for NPT accessories - My feedback: True, BUT, the placement of this 'raised area' is barely accessible in the engine bay. You might have difficulties adding any accessories there.

Includes new silicone couplers with DuraCoreā„¢ technology -My feedback: The silicone couplers look great. The smaller silicone coupler from Turbo to pipe showcase Mishimoto Brand. The most major of issue for me is the larger silicone coupler that goes to throttle body and pipe. The coupler is 3 inch in length. Basically, it is not adequate length. It's too short. The clamps are too close to the bevel lip of both pipe and throttle body. It came off once during normal driving conditions. Once I re-secured, it never came off again. However, in order for me to have piece of mind, I purchased a silicone 4 inch length coupler. It's now secure and I don't have to worry about it.

Durable wrinkle black powder coating - My feedback: The pipe looks great.

This is the 4 inch length coupler that I ended up buying in place of Mishimoto 3 inch coupler.
This is the 4 inch length coupler that I ended up buying in place of Mishimoto 3 inch coupler.

Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty - My feedback: Once you go through the motion of registering, the lifetime warranty kicks in. Mishimoto is caring bunch. So far my experience with Mishimoto is great. I wish they had more Jeep JL products.

That is it for my review on Mishimoto Performance Pipe. Keep a look out for the 2nd part, which covers BOV and Cold Air Intake.