Chrysler Under New Management, Again.

For over a decade, Jeep (under Chrysler) has been under the umbrella of Italian giants Fiat due to the 2008 recession where Fiat bought mass stake in Chrysler. It was a sort of bailout for troubled Chrysler. Eventually Fiat would buy controlling stake. Fast forward to now, a merger between the Italian Fiat and the French Groupe PSA has now become Stellantis, a Dutch company. 14 car brands, including Jeep and Chrysler, are now under new management.

Just like Fiat's previous arrangement with Jeep and Chrysler, I would like to think that this is just business as usual and that the legendary Jeep vehicles such as Wrangler Rubicon will still remain. It was a money maker for Fiat so I don't see Stellantis changing that. You're parts or components might change though. In fact, Jeep Wrangler 2.0T is very similar engine to the Alfa Romeo Giulia engine!

Giulia Exposed Engine
Alfa Romeo Giulia engine looks similar to Jeep 2.0T Hurricane engine.

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